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Pacific AIDS Education & Training Center - Arizona

State of Arizona

Located at the University of Arizona (U of AZ) College of Medicine, Pacific AETC – Arizona (Pacific AETC – AZ) focuses on education and training opportunities targeting low to mid volume HIV clinicians and healthcare teams. Programs include:

  • Statewide continuing education sessions
  • Consultations with HIV experts
  • Organizational capacity building for HIV testing, PrEP, PEP, Rapid Start, and HIV Management.
  • Clinical Preceptorships with Infectious Disease and HIV specialists at the University of Arizona’s Petersen HIV Clinics.

The PAETC- Arizona provides training and technical assistance to clinics and service providers looking to learn more about the 340B Drug Pricing Program. The program enables health care organizations and other covered entities to provide more comprehensive services by purchasing medications at significantly reduced prices. 340B savings may be used to provide medical services and prescription drugs at no or reduced cost and assist patients with their insurance premiums. Trainings take place in large-group (conference-style) settings, as well as through targeted technical assistance calls and coaching.

Additional programs serve the needs of health care providers and clinics offering HIV services to American Indian/Alaskan Native populations and those living near the U.S./Mexico border. Pacific AETC – Arizona also facilitates organizational capacity building through trainings on the 340B drug pricing program, sex positive & inclusive healthcare practices, and professional development for medical cases manager.

Arizona Department of Health Services Funded Projects

Data to Care (D2C) is a public health strategy that (1) uses a variety of data sources to identify persons living with HIV who are in need of medical care and (2) facilitates linkages to care services. The overall goal of D2C is to increase the retention of patients in medical care and to suppress viral rates of persons living with HIV.

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Downloadable brochures Arizona AETC Brochures:

HIV Antiretroviral Resource

Antigen/Antibody (4th Generation) HIV Testing

Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis


Information about HIV Testing

Arizona HIV Law

Key points about Arizona’s HIV Testing Law

  • No written consent form required for an HIV test; verbal consent is sufficient.
  • HIV testing can be incorporated into general medical consent.
  • No formal pre or post test counseling is required.

Information for Clinicians and HIV Testing Programs about the Alere DetermineTM HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Rapid Test


Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) clinical guidelines:


PrEP guidelines and background info:

To find a PrEP Provider: 

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Pacific AETC - Arizona

The design of the training was fresh and exciting, how it started big-scale and progressively focused on more specific topics (U=U). We thought about our place in our client interactions, and then thought how to make them more effective.

Cultivating Client-Centered Care, June 5, 2019, Flagstaff AZ
Pacific AETC - Arizona

I will more effectively and frequently self-check myself for perpetuating those social issues and matters mentioned, and in general create a more fair, just and comfortable environment for my patients.

Cultivating Client-Centered Care, June 3, 2019, Tucson AZ
Pacific AETC - Arizona

The presenters were very relatable. The presenters were very good in providing a lot of information in a way that was easy for the audience to remember. It was great that a binder was provided in order to take the information back with us to our work.

Cultivating Client-Centered Care, June 5, 2019, Flagstaff AZ
Pacific AETC - Arizona

Most relevant to my work title as case manager will be to create a safe space based in understanding, respect and authentic support [for] my clients in need.

Cultivating Client-Centered Care, June 5, 2019, Flagstaff AZ
Pacific AETC - Arizona

The team dynamic of all the presenters. You guys seem very happy and love your jobs, and that shows in your teaching which is great!

HIV Adult Clinical Preceptorship, Nov. 2022
Pacific AETC - Arizona

I enjoyed the back and forth between presenters and the direct knowledge they applied from previous experiences.

HIV Adult Clinical Preceptorship, Nov. 2022
Pacific AETC - Arizona

The informational content was top-notch and I appreciated the questions the facilitator asked to incentivize discussion at the end.

Trauma-Informed Approaches to HIV Prevention & Care, Dec. 2022


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