Practice Transformation

Practice Transformation

The Pacific AETC Practice Transformation (PT) project builds on the foundation set by the 2015-2019 Pacific AETC PT project and decades of capacity-building experience to implement evidence-based interventions and systems change in clinical settings to improve patient outcomes along the HIV prevention and care continuum. In the current iteration of the program, Practice Transformation Expansion (PTE) site have been added to support the unique needs that arise for clinics at the intersection of HIV and substance use in rural setting. Pacific AETC is working with eight clinics throughout the region:

White Clinics
SAC Health System
(SACHS) Clinic
San Bernardino, California
Huntridge Family Clinic

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wesley Health
Centers/JWCH Institute, Inc.
Pasadena, California
FQHCs School Health
Clinics of Santa Clara County
San Jose, California
La Maestra

San Diego, California

Center at Mililani
Mililani, Hawai’i
Practice Transformation Expansion Elica Health Centers

Sacramento County

North Country
Health Center
Mohave County, Arizona

The eight Pacific AETC PT and PTE teams, include a clinic site-based PT champion, a Pacific AETC coach from the local partner in the area. The Pacific AETC Deputy Director is the PT lead from the Regional Office, sharing best practices and problem-solving strategies through the monthly meetings, national AETC PT Community of Practice, and bringing together all the PT teams across the Pacific AETC region to meet twice a year for an intensive training to develop, practice, and hone skills in implementing the evidence-based interventions and QI processes. Our coaching activities are tailored to meet the needs of the clinic sites and may include addressing disparities in services and/or outcomes, workflow mapping and improvement, providing clinical decision-making support, and supporting team development.

Although the PT and PTE projects are set for the current cycle, Pacific AETC is committed to capacity building. Many of the implementation experiences, QI processes, policy and procedures, and evidence-based products utilized at the clinic sites can be adapted to meet the needs of other clinic sites. We leverage many of the lessons learned into expertise and resources we can then share with clinics throughout the Pacific Region.

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