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Evaluation Consultant – Contract

Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center

The Pacific AETC Regional Office is seeking an Evaluation Consultant, and is accepting inquiries until June 9th. Learn more about this opportunity.

The Evaluation Consultant will be part of the Evaluation team, jointly staffed by Pacific AETC and CAPTC; and will support the following efforts:

  1. Provide summation, and analysis of existing provider assessments in HRSA Region IX (Arizona, California, Hawai‘i, Nevada, and the six US-Affiliated Pacific Islands of American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Palau).
  2. Develop, implement, and assess simple evaluation measures within existing training events with consideration on identifying potential common indicators applied across Pacific AETC and CAPTC programs.
  3. Support the development, implementation, and analysis of other assessment tools (e.g., focus groups and key stakeholder interviews) that may be needed to sharpen insights for certain strategic provider groups (e.g., providers in the Pacific Islands, providers within Tribal Nations, or providers working along the US-Mexico border).

The Evaluation Consultant should have expertise in the following areas:

  1. Landscape Assessment: Examine the overall context, existing resources, and key stakeholders within a specific region or community to identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities in HIV and STI prevention, care, and support services, aiming to inform targeted interventions and optimize the effectiveness of HIV and STI programs.
  2. Capacity Building: Assessing the extent to which training, and education efforts have enhanced the knowledge, skills, and capacity of healthcare providers and other stakeholders to effectively address HIV, STI, and other related issues.
  3. Program Satisfaction: Gathering feedback from participants to assess their satisfaction with the training program, including the relevance of the content, quality of delivery, and overall experience.
  4. Organizational Impact: Evaluating the impact of training programs on organizations or institutions, such as changes in policies, protocols, and the integration of HIV and STI-related services into existing healthcare or education systems.

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ZSFG Operations & DEIA Analyst

UCSF is recruiting a 50% FTE ZSFG (Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center) Operations and DEIA Analyst who is mission-driven and passionate about lifting up patients, families, and communities. The ZSFG Operations and DEIA Analyst will be integrated within both day-to-day operations supporting FCM ZSFG onsite and the department’s DEIA initiatives department-wide, including Racial Caucusing 2.0.


PCRHP Project Manager

Person-Centered Reproductive Health Program (PCRHP) is recruiting a Project Manager to support Dr. April Bell’s research program which focuses on the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of Black adolescent women and girls.

The Project Manager will lead a portfolio of studies, technical assistance projects, and training programs. Research projects will relate to bodily autonomy, healthy sexual development, digital storytelling, abortion, contraception, and SRH decision-making of Black youth. The ideal candidate will be both well-versed in and passionate about sexual and reproductive health research, racial equity, and improving outcomes for Black adolescent women and girls.