Black Men’s HIV Leadership Capacity Building Initiative

Black Men’s HIV Leadership Capacity Building Initiative

Welcome to the Black Men’s HIV Leadership Capacity Building Initiative!

We are cultivating a vibrant community of practice dedicated to enhancing leadership skills and fostering the professional growth of Black men within the HIV workforce. Through online and in-person engagements, we aim to empower Black men to drive social change and advance health equity in the HIV service delivery system. Join us in co-creating a supportive and inclusive environment where Black men can thrive as leaders in a holistic approach to men’s sexual health.


The primary audience for the initiative is Black men of the African Diaspora, inclusive of cis, trans, and non-binary experience; working in the HIV workforce, including healthcare providers, public health professionals, social workers, researchers, activists, community organizers, etc. Allies and co-conspirators are welcome to join the online training series.

Components of the Leadership CoP
Skills Development

Engage in peer learning and skill-sharing sessions tailored to cultivate practical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and leadership capabilities specifically within the community of Black men in the HIV workforce. Through needs assessment and established leadership competencies Pacific AETC and our partners will establish training curricula and learning goals to meet the needs of the Community of Practice members.

Continuing Education

Stay informed with our curated resources, tools, and expert-led discussions tailored to the needs and interests of Black men in the HIV workforce. We will establish an Online Training Series to support your learning on leadership and the benefits and protective factors cultivated by leaders of Black experience. These sessions will also support allies and co-conspirators who have a desire to support leadership opportunities for Black men in the HIV field.

Mentorship and Connection

Build valuable relationships with experienced professionals and peers and leverage networking opportunities designed to foster support, guidance, and collaboration within the community of Black men in the HIV workforce.

Training Session #2, July 31st, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Join us for “Unity in Action: Cultivating Collective Power as Black Men in the HIV Workforce,” the second session of our Black Men’s HIV Leadership Capacity Building Initiative. Featuring an insightful panel discussion, this session focuses on strengthening community ties and leadership skills among Black men in the HIV sector. Engage with experts and peers to build a more equitable and supportive HIV workforce. Click the flyer or button below to register now!


Application for CME credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending.

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