New On-Demand Resource: Aging with HIV Roundtable Discussion

Posted January 7, 2022

Aging with HIV Roundtable Discussion - Resource from HealthHIV's Pozitively Aging Program

Aging with HIV Roundtable: An On-Demand Resource from Pozitively Aging

Although older people with HIV show higher rates of service engagement compared with their younger counterparts, the medical successes that prolong “physical” health can undermine other aspects of successful aging with HIV. In an increasingly bio-medicalized context of care delivery, what does successful aging with HIV look like?

This in-depth discussion brings together experts on aging with HIV to review and reflect upon the current capacity and future constraints of the HIV and aging care and prevention services sectors. The roundtable participants—community leaders, providers, and those aging with HIV for 15 or more years—discuss and frame their shared experience conversations into adaptive and innovative recommendations and evidence-based interventions that reduce disability and improve service delivery for people aging with HIV.

Presenters from HealthHIV's Pozitiv Aging with HIV Roundtable Discussion

Jon Appelbaum, MD, FACP, AAHIVS, Florida State University College of Medicine
Tez Anderson, Let’s Kick ASS
Scott D. Bertani, MNM, HealthHIV
Michele Lopez, GHMC
Donna Sweet, MD, MACP, AAHIVS, University of Kansas School of Medicine
Val Wojciechowicz, CAN Community Health

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About HealthHIV’s Pozitively Aging Program

HealthHIV’s Pozitively Aging program serves both providers and patients through committed advocacy, groundbreaking research, and up-to-date educational resources on care coordination for those aging with HIV. The program also oversees the National Resource Center for Care Coordination and Pozitively Aging with HIV, which aims to build the capacity of providers to coordinate care for people aging with HIV across the lifetime..

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