New PSATTC Training Product: Recovery Support Services Along the Continuum of Substance Use and HIV Treatment

Posted July 23, 2021

Announcing a New Training Package

The purpose of this introductory training, developed in 2021 by the Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center, in partnership with the Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center, is to provide HIV clinicians (including, but not limited to physicians, dentists, nurses, and other allied medical staff, therapists and social workers, and counselors, specialists, and case managers) with an overview of the challenges and strategies for change in working with individuals with HIV/AIDS and a diagnosis of a substance use disorder. Given the potentially broad array of health disciplines, this presentation uses the terms “patient,” “client,” and “consumer” interchangeably to refer to the individuals a training participant may be working with in their organization. The duration of the training is approximately 180 minutes (3 hours), depending on whether the trainer chooses to present all of the slides, or a selection of slides. Brief group discussions and a case study have been inserted throughout the presentation to encourage dialogue among the training participants, and to illustrate how the information contained within the presentation can be used clinically.

What Does the Training Package Contain?

  • Training Slides (PPT) – 1-hour version (abridged curriculum)
  • Training Slides (PPT) – 3-hour version (full curriculum)
  • Trainer Guide (PDF) – 3-hour version
  • 2-page Fact Sheet (PDF)

Please click here to view and download the 508-compliant training package

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