Upcoming Virtual Conference: Guam’s Second Annual Conference on Substance Use Disorders Among Pacific Islanders

Posted September 10, 2021

guam's second annual conference on substance use disorders among pacific islanders sept 21-22, 2021 guam,CNMI,FSM,Palau,RMI and Sept 20-21, 2021 america samoa,all us states

This virtual conference is being held in recognition of National Recovery Month, and our goal is to share knowledge and insights to enhance prevention, treatment, and recovery practices of substance use disorders for Pacific Islanders and their communities across the Pacific. The two-day conference will feature four keynote presentations and 24 workshop sessions focused on one of six tracks: Children and Family, Prevention, Mental Health, Clinical Interventions, Emerging Issues and Populations with Specific Service Needs.

While largely congregated in the Western US, approximately 1.5 million Pacific Islanders live in the Mainland US and Alaska, with communities distributed across the country. Many of these communities have limited access to healthcare and demonstrate significant impact of social determinants of health.

The US Census Bureau showed significant numbers of Pacific Islander communities across the US. The fastest growth of the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population occurred in southern states and western states. States with Pacific Islander population growth of >50% include:

  • South: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia
  • West: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico Utah, Washington, Wyoming
  • Midwest: Iowa, Kansas, Ohio Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota,
  • Northeast: Vermont

This conference will bring critical information to often underserved and hidden populations across the US. We look forward to seeing you there.


  • September 21-22, 2021 (GUAM, CNMI, FSM, PALAU, RMI)
  • September 20-21, 2021 (AMERICAN SAMOA AND ALL US STATES)

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