Upcoming: PrEP 201 Workshop in Oakland, CA (June 14)

Posted June 10, 2022

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PrEP Today and PrEP in the Future: Overcoming Barriers in Hard to Reach Populations

PrEP 201 Workshop PromoProgram Agenda
6:00PM – 6:15PM: Welcome, Introductions, Buffet Dinner
6:15PM – 8:45PM: Keynote Speakers
8:45PM – 9:00PM: Q&A/Adjourn

Academy credentialed providers and members are very adept at prescribing and retaining patients on PrEP, however, shelter in place and stay-at-home orders from the early COVID pandemic in the U.S. interrupted patients’ abilities to test for HIV and STIs and have associated laboratory monitoring. Recognizing that the recommended quarterly testing and monitoring requirements may serve as a barrier to engaging and retaining “hard to reach” patients that may benefit from PrEP. This series will serve as an elevated discussion on higher-level PrEP topics including different formulations of PrEP and when to use them; HIV testing, laboratory monitoring, and taking a sexual health history; interpreting clinical laboratory information for the rare adherent patient that fails on PrEP and recommendations for initial ARV treatment therapies, future PrEP formulations, and how to reach and retain hard to engage PrEP patients.

Educational Objectives
After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

  • Apply latest guidelines and adherence strategies to differentiate available and future PrEP options and improve PrEP initiation and monitoring in diverse patient groups
  • Discuss expert guidance for engaging diverse populations, including transgender persons, in effective patient-provider counseling to improve PrEP uptake
  • Understand treatment strategies in people who seroconvert while engaged in PrEP care
  • Learn best practices to improve retention-in-care among person at-risk for HIV acquisition, including youth of color
  • Comprehend how implicit bias can serve as a barrier to engaging cis- and transgender women of color in PrEP


  • W. David Hardy, MD, AAHIVS

    Adjunct Clinical Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
    University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
    Los Angeles, California

  • David Gonzalez (they/them)

    Program Manager – HIV Care and Prevention
    Asian Health Services
    Oakland, CA

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