New Product: Recovery Support for Stimulant Use Disorders

Posted June 23, 2022

Promo Pacific Southwest ATTC and Mountain Plains ATTC product

Recovery Support for Stimulant Use Disorders, Part 1 & 2

The Mountain Plains and Pacific Southwest ATTCs are pleased to offer a two-part recording focused on recovery support services as it relates to People With Stimulant Use Disorders (PWSUDs). In both recordings, a review of the current research is highlighted along with people with lived experience in stimulant use and recovery discussing the findings and relating it to their own experiences. The three panelists with lived experience, all currently work at well-established recovery community organizations (RCOs), one in Colorado- Advocates for Recovery and one in Utah- Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness.  In Part 1 recovery support (e.g. definition of recovery, recovery capital, recovery benchmarks, etc.) and stimulant use (e.g., prevalence of use, impact on the brain, and craving) is discussed. While the Part 2 recording is focused on treatment and recovery services (e.g., treatment services, barriers to recovery, managing triggers and return to use, cessation triggers, 12 Step involvement, exercise, and involvement with RCOs). The overall goal of this two-part recording is to provide participants with a review of the latest science regarding stimulants within the context of people with lived experience highlighting the lessons learned from their recovery. Finally, promoting hope, community, and engagement as central/essential pieces to recovery from stimulant use disorders is a theme in both recordings with the panelists reinforcing that recovery is achievable for PWSUDs.

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