PrEP Academic Detailing

PrEP Academic Detailing

Ask About PrEPPAETC is implementing an academic detailing pilot project to increase the availability of and access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) clinical services for underserved populations. Academic detailing (AD) is “an innovative, 1-on-1 outreach education technique that helps clinicians provide evidence-based care to their patients. Using an accurate, up-to-date synthesis of the best clinical evidence in an engaging format, academic detailers ignite clinician behavior change, which ultimately improves patient health” (–us.html)

In the case of PrEP, the information provided by the detailer is based on well-accepted, peer-reviewed efficacy studies (See the National Resource Center for Academic Detailing at for information on the role of academic detailing in changing provider practice). PAETC’s PrEP AD program is based on the model developed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

A PrEP AD session is a brief (15 – 30 minutes) visit with a primary care clinician or clinical team that provides basic information about PrEP including its benefits, the steps needed to prescribe PrEP including lab work, payment options for Truvada, and necessary follow-up assessment steps. The AD program is part of PAETC’s PrEP strategy to increase access to PrEP services by influencing provider behavior, attitude and practice through trainings, workshops, clinical consultation, technical assistance and practice transformation. Other possible HIV prevention outcomes for PrEP AD are: implementation of routine HIV testing; thorough appropriate sexual history taking; STD screening; and/or providing non-occupational pre-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

It is expected that outreach for PrEP AD activities will focus on clinicians who serve communities most affected by the HIV epidemic and who are disportionately impacted by health disparities (i.e., MSM of color, young MSM, transgender women of color), based on an analysis of epidemiologic and surveillance data.

If you would like to request an AD session from PAETC please contact the Local Partner in your area to schedule a visit.