VIDEO: Basics of MDR-TB Clinical Care

January 16, 2018

Curry International Tuberculosis Center is pleased to announce the release of the first three installments in an online video series, Basics of MDR-TB Clinical Care. These videos have been co-produced with the California Department of Public Health, Tuberculosis Control Branch (CDPH):

  • MDR-TB: Building a Treatment Regimen (Lisa Chen, MD)
  • MDR-TB: Diagnosis (Pennan Barry, MD, MPH)
  • Overview of Side Effects (Neha Shah, MD, MPH)

Replacing the classic one-hour didactic introductory lecture format of our older online presentation, the Basics of MDR-TB Clinical Care: Online Video Series is comprised of a series of short, online lectures presented in easy to digest segments. The series will cover major topics pertaining to epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment regimens, monitoring and case management, side-effects, prevention and isolation, treatment of contacts, and special situations. A distinguished group of experts from public health and academia will contribute to the writing and recording of the finalized series.

Click here to watch!

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