Tuberculosis: WHO global report, 2016

November 10, 2016

The tuberculosis [TB] epidemic is larger than previously thought, infecting 10.4 million people last year [2015], while research into vaccines and cures is “severely underfunded”, the World Health Organization warned on Thursday [13 Oct 2016] [1]. This was in contrast to last year’s report by the United Nations health agency, which said 9.6 million people were sickened with TB worldwide.
Deaths also rose across the planet, with 1.8 million people dying of TB last year [2015], 300 000 more than a year earlier, according to WHO’s Global TB Report 2016. “We face an uphill battle to reach the global targets for tuberculosis,” said Margaret Chan, WHO director general. “There must be a massive scale-up of efforts, or countries will continue to run behind this deadly epidemic and these ambitious goals will be missed.”

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