Participate in the 2019 HealthHCV State of HCV Health National Survey!

May 31, 2019

Participate in the 2019 HealthHCV State of HCV Care National Survey(TM). The annual survey reaches providers nationwide, including hepatologists, gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists, HIV care providers, primary care providers, and others screening for and/or treating hepatitis C virus (HCV).
Your feedback is critical to shape national HCV advocacy, education, and training in 2019 and beyond that contribute to ending the HCV epidemic!
·         Receive complimentary membership at HealthHCV and gain access to free online training and education, health services research and data visualization, and HCV advocacy opportunities.
·         Access an advance copy of the report on the national state of HCV care in 2019.
·         Participate in a free webinar detailing implications of the survey data and next steps for HCV advocacy, education, and research.
·         Contribute to broader awareness of the needs of HCV prevention, care, and treatment providers to eliminate HCV in U.S.!
Participate in the survey by June 14, 2019 at:
HealthHCV will present preliminary results in advance of World Hepatitis Day 2019 on July 28th.
About HealthHCV
HealthHCV is a hepatitis C advocacy, research, and education initiative of HealthHIV, a national non-profit based in Washington, DC. HealthHCV seeks to address hepatitis C (HCV) through relevant and multi-disciplinary medical and consumer education programs, distinct health services research, and advocacy to develop public health policy responsive to the shifting HCV landscape. From health systems to primary care providers, consumers, and other related health agencies, HealthHCV continually strives to impact the HCV epidemic through tailored initiatives and programs with national and local impact.Visit our website at


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