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April 12, 2019

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The Nursing Guide for Managing Side Effects to Drug-resistant TB Treatment was developed by nurses with experience in the clinical care and programmatic management of tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) in both high- and low-resource settings and was released in October 2018. While this guide was developed to support nursing care of patients with DR-TB, it may also be helpful to guide the care of patients on anti-TB treatment in general who may also experience side effects related to their treatment.
The guide is designed as a reference and job aid, so nurses can quickly:

  1. Identify symptoms that may be related to TB medication
  2. Assess for severity and other potential contributors
  3. Intervene appropriately to minimize patient discomfort, reduce side effect progression, and ultimately support successful treatment completion

The guide can be downloaded at the Curry International TB Center website (also available from ICN website). Russian, Chinese, and Spanish editions are also available online.
The printing of this guide was made possible thanks to the support of California Department of Public Health, Heartland National Tuberculosis Center, Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center, and Rutgers Global Tuberculosis Institute.
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