Introducing a new online course – Trans 101

August 9, 2019


The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health has produced a new online course:

Trans 101: Transgender People in Everyday Work and Life!

The course is an excellent resource for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and awareness about the issues impacting the health and lives of transgender people. Employers, health care organizations, community-based agencies, and others who complete the course will be able to:

  • Identify and define common terms that transgender people may use to describe themselves
  • Describe structural, community, interpersonal or individual factors that contribute to disparities among transgender people
  • Discuss strategies to improve services for transgender people
  • Name ways to be an ally to trans communities

This is a 30-minute self-monitored course.
Please visit our new website at to access the course.
The course was developed by the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health with support from the California Department of Public Health.

The mission of the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health is to increase access to comprehensive, effective, and affirming health care services for transgender and gender non-binary people.

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