FLOW CHART: New information reflected in Project Inform’s updated PrEP flow chart

March 1, 2018

Project Inform has recently updated our Getting Yourself Prepared for PrEP flow chart to reflect a few new changes in the information:

  1. Gilead increased their Co-pay Coupon Card program assistance limit to $4,800 on January 1, 2018, from the previous amount of $3,600.
  2. The FPL (Federal Poverty Level) rate increased January 13, 2018 to $12,140, up from 2017’s $12,060. Therefore, income eligibility limits for patient assistance programs and health care plans have increased slightly. FPLs are higher in Alaska and Hawai’i. (sources: US DHHSObamaCare Facts)
  3. There are now two tele-health companies that provide PrEP: nurx.co/prep and prep.plushcare.com, which operate in many states and utilize the same health care resources that local PrEP navigation staff use. Consult PleasePrEPMe’s PrEP Navigation Manual’s Section 3 for more information.

To view the new PDFs in English and Spanish, CLICK HERE.
Courtesty of projectinform.org

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