COVID-19: Managing the Workflow under Constant Changes

March 18, 2020

As a leader in primary care innovation, Weitzman Institute is taking measures to support safety net practices and their patients in managing the outbreak of COVID-19. During this crisis, we are offering a variety of resources focused on critical topics that feature clinical and health center preparedness cases.

For the next four Wednesdays, we are offering a special ECHO series on the coronavirus beginning, Wednesday, March 18, at Noon-1pm Eastern for primary care professionals and clinical operations staff nationally.

Across the four sessions, we will discuss the latest COVID-19 clinical and preparedness updates, including workflow, HR policies, inventory control, and communication strategies in an ever-changing environment. Clinical care providers and clinical operations leaders from FQHCs across the country will be sharing their best practices.


You can access recordings of previous webinars and additional resources from the Weitzman Institute at:

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