Conference Materials: Building the Care Continuum, August 28-30, 2017

October 26, 2017

Thank you to all who attended CDPH’s Office of AIDS conference, Building the Care Continuum: Comprehensive Approaches to HIV Care in California. To access slide sets and other materials from the conference, please click on the title of the presentation.
The Agenda (click here for the full conference Agenda)
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Day 1 (August 28th):

1:20 – 2:15     PLENARY: Setting the Stage with the Integrated Plan: Objectives and Strategies for Getting to Zero

Speakers:  Karen Mark, MD, PhD, Chief, CDPH/OA; Kevin Sitter, MSW, MPH, CDPH/OA

2:15 – 3:15     PLENARY: The Current Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker: Emily McCloskey, Associate Director, Policy & Legislative Affairs, National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
3:30 – 5:00       WORKSHOP A

“You’ve Been Served”

Description:  This session will concentrate on describing Ryan White allowable services, how to leverage Ryan White, HOPWA and Medi-Cal Waiver services to best serve  the clients. This session will allow contractors to ask HIV Care Branch staff questions regarding service categories.
Audience:  Administrators, Program Managers
Speakers:  Marjorie Katz, CDPH/OA; Jessica Heskin, MA, MPH, CDPH/OA; Christine Kibui, RN, MPH, CDPH/OA
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B

“The ‘Tools’ of Engagement (in HIV Care and Treatment Services)”

Description:  This interactive session will provide training on implementing the use of tools proven to be effective with helping people make positive behavior change.
Participants will have an opportunity to practice using these tools with one another. Additionally, effective recruitment strategies and best practice case studies will be presented.
Audience:  Outreach Workers, Case Managers
Speaker:  Patrick Piper, California Prevention Training Center
Facilitator:  Liz Hall, CDPH/OA
Location:  Legacy Room

“Getting Started with ARIES”

Description:  This session will provide a basic overview how to (1) register clients in ARIES,
(2) enter client demographics, medical data, and services, and (3) improve the quality and completeness of Ryan White Services Report (RSR) data. Attendees will also learn about the requirements for importing electronic medical record (EMR) data into ARIES. The workshop will conclude with a Q & A session. Both new and existing users are encouraged to attend.
Audience:  ARIES Users, Program Managers
Speakers:  Dave Ranck, Data Design & Development; Denise Absher, CDPH/OA
Location:  Laureate Room

“Integrating Hepatitis C Testing into Current HIV Care Programs”

Description:  This session will provide information on how the local health jurisdictions can integrate Hepatitis C testing into their current programs.
Audience:  Program Managers, Clinical Staff, Program Planners and Implementers
Speakers:  Myra Ozaeta, Gilead Sciences, Inc.; Christian Ramers, MD, MPH, Family Health Centers of San Diego; Megan Crowley, MPH, Alameda Health Consortium
Facilitator:  Chioko Grevious, MPH, CDPH/OA
Location:  Optimist Room
Day 2 (August 29th):

8:40 – 10:00   PLENARY: Disparities and HIV Stigma: Impact on Patients, Strategies to Address

Speakers:  Tim Vincent, MS, CA STD/HIV Prevention Training Center; Wilburt Jordan, MD, MPH, Charles Drew Medical Center Oasis Clinic; Lashonda Spencer, MD, University of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B

10:15 – 11:45  WORKSHOP B

“Unleashing the Power of EIS”

Description:  The attendees of this session will receive information on what Early Intervention Services are and how to integrate innovative EIS practices in their program. Activities include: partner services, data to care, and routine opt-out testing.
Audience:  Outreach Staff, Program Planners
Speakers:  Brenda Huerta, San Ysidro Health Center; Heidi Aiem, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency; Lauren Brookshire, MSW, MPH, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency; Tamarra Jones, DrPH, Orange County Health Care Agency; Colleen Brody, Orange County Health Care Agency
Facilitator:  Marjorie Katz, CDPH/OA
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B

“The Evolution: Expanding Our Digital Strategy to Serving Men of Color in the Continuum”

Description:  This session will provide participants with a deeper understanding of digital social media strategies as a “fluid and evolving” tool that requires maintenance and consistent “re-strategizing”. Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss, in small groups, potential technological and digital outreach solutions, and receive feedback from presenters on best practices and strategies for implementation under resource and skillset constraints.
Audience:  Program Staff, Administrators, Outreach Staff
Speakers:  Gabe Maldonado, TruEvolution; Jarrel Armster, TruEvolution
Facilitator:  Liz Hall, CDPH/OA
Location:  Legacy Room

“Housing, HOPWA, and ARIES”

Description:  This session will demonstrate how to (1) use the HOPWA program tabs in ARIES to determine eligibility and assessment housing, (2) generate the HOPWA Progress Report (HPR), (3) run the HAB QM Indicator for Housing Status, and (d) and utilize the Fix-It Report on Living Situation to improve data collection. The workshop will conclude with a Q & A session.
Audience:  ARIES Users, HOPWA Staff, Case Managers
Speakers:  Denise Absher, CDPH/OA; Dave Ranck, Data Design & Development
Location:  Laureate Room

“Getting to Zero… Dollars: Tips and Tools for Budget Planning”

Description:  Attendees will review case studies to learn how data can inform budgets and become familiar with data tools to facilitate budget planning.
Audience:  Program Managers, Program Planners
Speakers:  Karl Halfman, MA, CDPH/OA; Kevin Sitter, MSW, MPH, CDPH/OA
Location:  Optimist Room

1:00 – 2:00     PLENARY Cultural Humility

Speakers:  Erica Lillquist, Mobilization Manager, Black AIDS Institute; Marie-Fatima Hyacinthe, Mobilization Coordinator, Black AIDS Institute
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B
2:00 – 3:30     WORKSHOP C

“Introduction to Part B Standards of Care: A Glimpse of What’s to Come”

Description:  This session will provide an introduction and overview to the new standards of care for HCP, the background and an introduction to the standards. Attendees will provide feedback and discuss implementation.
Audience:  Program Managers, Case Managers
Speakers:  Shelly Facente, Facente Consulting; Marjorie Katz, CDPH/OA
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B

“Working with People Who Use Drugs in HIV Care Settings”

Description:  This session will familiarize HIV care providers with core concepts in harm reduction, practical aspects of syringe exchange, and available support from the California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in group discussions to identify the barriers and steps needed toward integrating low-threshold syringe access and other drug user health services in HIV care.
Audience:  Program Managers, Clinical Staff
Speakers:  Matt Curtis, CDPH/OA; Heather Edney, Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles; Dr. Susan Partovi, Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles
Location:  Optimist Room

“ARIES User Engagement Session”

Description:  This session provides an opportunity to (1) learn about forthcoming enhancements (such as the Task List and the HIV Care Continuum Report)  and (2) share your experiences, feedback, and suggestions for new features or functions with the ARIES Development Team. The team will also discuss the formation of a new ARIES Technical Advisory group to help guide the future development of ARIES.
Audience:  ARIES Users, Program Managers, Program Planners
Speakers:  Michael Ciraolo, The Queenstone Group; Jeff Denean Jones, The Queenstone Group; Carol Greenberg, The Queenstone Group
Location:  Laureate Room

“Overcoming Housing Barriers: Working with Landlords and Clients to Achieve Stable Housing”

Description:  This session will present innovative approaches to addressing obstacles in providing housing for HIV clients.  Presenters will address how to work with landlords to open housing options for clients, provide strategies on working with clients on rent payments, and address legal issues which present barriers for clients to obtain housing.
Audience: Anyone Who Provides Housing Services, Case Managers, HOPWA Providers, Program Managers
Speakers:  Juan J. Garcia, MPA, Clinica Sierra Vista; Randa Johnson, Santa Cruz AIDS Project, Encompass; Meghan Murphy, MSW, Face To Face  
Facilitator:  Jessica Heskin, MA, MPH, CDPH/OA  
Location:  Legacy Room
3:45 – 5:15     WORKSHOP D

“Demystifying RAPID”

Description:  Does implementing a RAPID model seem out of reach? This session will highlight two local health jurisdictions that are mid-size and smaller-size, who have successfully developed and implemented RAPID. Participants will be given an opportunity to strategize in small groups how they can implement RAPID in their own jurisdictions.
Handouts:      San Francisco Program for RAPID ART Initiation and Linkage to Care – Standard Operating Procedures

Handout: Rapid Flowchart (Humboldt County)

Audience:  Case Managers, Outreach Staff and Program Managers
Speakers:  Michael Weiss, Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services; Jessica Osorio, Contra Costa County Health Services
Facilitator:  Liz Hall, CDPH/OA
Location:  Legacy Room

“Using ARIES for Outreach and Linkage”

Description:  This session will demonstrate how to (1) use ARIES’s Anonymous Client Encounter (ACE) module, (2) utilize the Referral function to make referrals to other ARIES agencies, and (3) document when clients are linked to care. The workshop will conclude with a Q & A session. This workshop is geared toward outreach workers and “data to care” staff.
Audience:  ARIES Users, Program Managers, Outreach Workers, Case Managers
Speakers:  Dave Ranck, Data Design & Development; Denise Absher, CDPH/OA
Location:  Laureate Room

“Post Incarceration: Engaging County Jails in Linkage to Care”

Description:  This session discusses strategies to address the gap between people leaving county jails and connecting with HIV health services.  Presenters will discuss best practices based on their own experiences for developing collaborative partnerships with county jails.
Audience:  Anyone Who Provides Housing Services, Case Managers, HOPWA Providers, Program Managers
Speakers:  Erica Garcia and Dr. Tamarra Jones, Orange County Health Care Agency; Cajetan Luna, Center for Health Justice  
Facilitator:  Jessica Heskin, MA, MPH, CDPH/OA  
Location:  Optimist  Room

“HIV Partner Services in HIV Care Programs”

Description:       This session will provide an overview of Partner Services (PS), California guidelines and HCP requirements. Attendees will have an opportunity to review their jurisdiction’s policies and procedures on PS. In addition, attendees will learn about opportunities to request technical assistance and training in their respective jurisdictions. This session will also cover best practices in implementing PS policies.
Audience:  Case Managers, Outreach Staff, Program Managers
Speaker:  Brett Augjoost, CDPH, STD Control Branch
Facilitator:  Christine Kibui, RN, MPH, CDPH/OA
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B
Day 3 (August 30th):
 8:40 – 10:00  WORKSHOP E

“Get Comfortable in Asking Uncomfortable Questions”

Description:  “Don’t Yuck on Someone Else’s Yum!”This interactive session will discuss  myths about HIV, stigma, and separating personal beliefs from actual practice. Attendees will learn strategies and tools for obtaining a comprehensive sexual history by asking those uncomfortable questions and how to incorporate that skill into client care.
Discussion Tool: “Let’s talk about Sex, No Really.”
Audience:  Case Managers, Clinical Staff
Speakers:  Joshua Waller, Cares Community Health  
Facilitator:  Christine Kibui, RN, MPH, CDPH/OA  
Location:  Legacy  Room

“Keeping Categorically Ineligible Clients in HIV Care”

Description:  Currently, some of our most vulnerable Latino clients may have concerns and misinformation that put them at risk of falling out of care. What can providers do to ensure clients remain in care? This workshop will discuss ways in which providers can help reduce anxiety among their clients and be informed of their rights as providers and the rights of their clients.
Audience:  Case Managers, Outreach Workers, Program Managers, Program Planners
Speakers:  Alonso Bautista, MA, MFTI, Alta Med; Ayako Miyashita, JD, UCLA School of Law; Tom Donohoe, Los Angeles Pacific AIDS Education Training Center
Facilitator:  Liz Hall, CDPH/OA
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B

“Collaborative Approaches to Housing: Thinking Beyond Ryan White and HOPWA”

Description:  This session will provide strategies on networking with community housing coalitions and other unconventional partnerships which can help your organization maximize funding streams and develop creative ways to provide sustainable housing for your clients.
Audience:  Anyone Who Provides Housing Services, Case Managers, HOPWA Providers, Program Managers
Speakers:  Cynthia Swan, Marin Housing Authority; Christopher De La Vega, California Rural Legal Aid; Libby Guthrie, EdD, MFTI, Mendocino County AIDS/Viral Hepatitis Network
Facilitator:  Jessica Heskin, MA, MPH, CDPH/OA
Location:  Optimist Room

“Improving Client Health Outcomes using ARIES”

Description:  This session will demonstrate how to (1) generate the HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) Quality Management (QM) Indicator Summary Reports in ARIES, (2) discuss how to use the QM Client Follow-Up Report and All Client Export to improve client health outcomes, and (3) utilize Custom Data Elements for track local indicators. The workshop will conclude with a Q & A session.
Audience: ARIES Users, Program Managers, Clinical Staff
Speakers:  Dave Ranck, Data Design & Development; Denise Absher, CDPH/OA
Location:  Laureate Room
10:15 – 11:45  WORKSHOP F

“HIV and Transgender Health: Getting to Know Your Transgender Community”

Description: This session will provide tools and strategies for improving HIV health outcomes for the transgender community.  Presenters will share best practices for outreach and engaging transgender communities in care.
Audience:  Clinicians, Case Managers
Speakers:  Shawn Demmons, Transgender Center of Excellence, UC San Francisco; Silvia Valerio, Bienestar Human Services, TransActivate; Khloe Perez-Rios, Bienestar Human Services, TransActivate
Facilitator:  Jessica Heskin, MA, MPH, CDPH/OA
Location:  Legacy Room

“Effective Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Clients in HIV Care and Treatment”

Description:  This workshop will discuss the delivery of HIV Care in a primary care setting (Community Health Center) and the use of specific workflows and tools to address gaps in the HIV Care Continuum. The panel will discuss some of the challenges and benefits of the Integrated Care Model, share best practices, and answer questions.
Audience:  Case Managers, Outreach Staff, Program Administrators
Speakers:  Michelle Davey, DO, Russian River Health Center; Cindy Lewis, Russian River Health Center; Jona Jenkins, Russian River Health Center  
Facilitator:  Steve Bromer, MD, Russian River Health Center  
Location:  Optimist  Room

“Clinical Quality Management”

Description:  This workshop will provide an overview of the new Ryan White Part B CQM Plan, including HCP contractors’ roles and responsibilities. Provide information on Ryan White Part B current and upcoming quality improvement projects.
Audience:  CQM Staff, Program Administrators, Case Managers
Speakers:  Christine Kibui, RN, MPH, CDPH/OA; Candice Gardiner, RN, Ampla Health
Location:  Laureate Room

“Addressing Food Insecurities”

Description:  This workshop will provide a description of ways contractors are addressing food insecurities. Topics to be discussed: an overview of Food Access Pilot Project, partnering with community gardens and other community partners. Participants will learn how to replicate innovative models to address food insecurities for clients.
Audience:  Case Managers, Program Managers
Speakers:  Paul Hepfer, The Health Trust; Anna Owings-Heidrick, Humboldt County Public Health Department; Barbara Vassell, Stanislaus County Public Health Department; Danelle Del Rincon, Stanislaus County Public Health Department; Randa Johnson, Santa Cruz AIDS Project, Encompass
Facilitator:  Marjorie Katz, CDPH/OA
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B

1:30 – 2:30     PLENARY: The Legacy of Ryan White

Speaker:  Jeanne White-Ginder, Mother of Ryan White
Location:  Centennial Ballroom A&B
2:30                ADJOURN – THANK YOU

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