Resource: PrEP

NURX in California

A new resource,, has recently started up as an option for consumers in California in case they prefer to use an online, free delivery source for PrEP. Nurx clinical staff will do intake  [Learn More]

SF BANC: Revised PrEP primer

When the ICD9 codes being used at a city clinic translated into ICD10 codes, the "high risk sexual behavior" ICD9 code translated into some rather arcane-sounding and sexuality-based ICD10  [Learn More]

BetaBlog CROI Update: PrEP

Dr. Robert Grant weighs in after the first case of failed PrEP: What does it mean? At CROI today, researchers and providers heard a detailed case study of a man who was infected with drug-resistant  [Learn More]

Please PrEP Me

PrEP (or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an effective HIV prevention strategy in which an individual who does not have HIV takes a daily pill to stay HIV-negative.  The website wants to  [Learn More]

SF BANC AETC Updates PrEP Primer

SF BANC recently updated its PrEP: A Brief Guide for Providers primer in April, 2016.  The guide covers such areas as: identifying patients who may benefit from PrEP; discussing PrEP with your  [Learn More]