Treatment of HIV, STDs, TB, Hepatitis C, Family Planning, and Substance Abuse on the Border: Focus on Testing


Participants learned the following to improve patient care and outcomes:

  • Discuss the latest testing and treatment trends for tuberculosis (TB), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV, hepatitis C (HCV) and substance abuse
  • Review the relationship–and examine the impact and needs—of these epidemics locally
  • Develop clinical interviewing skills to better test, treat, and refer clients with multiple diagnoses
  • Explain how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacts HIV, TB, and HCV testing and treatment options

Downloads and Links


    • Border Health Challenges by Prisci Quijada Orozovich, MPH
      and Connie Lafuente:
    • Alphabet Soup: ACA, HIV, SUD, TB, and HCV on the Border by Tom Donohoe, MBA:  download
    • HIV and Hep C Testing by Ardis Moe, MD:  download
    • TB, STDs, HIV, Hepatitis C and Substance Abuse: A Local Perspective by Paula Kriner, MPH:  download
    • Hep C Update by Ardis Moe, MD:  download
    • HIV Update by Ardis Moe, MD:  download
    • IGRAs for latent TB diagnosis- what are they and how do we interpret them? by Mady Slater, MD:  download
    • HIV Testing and Reproductive Health by Mary Caffery, RN, MSN:  download
    • Diseases without Borders: Best Practices for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Care and Prevention by Linda Creegan, MS, FNP:  download
    • HIV Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Settings by Beth Rutkowski, MPH:  download
    • Using the Internet for Testing, ACA, and Other HIV Information by Nicolé Mandel:  download
    • Declaration of Disclosure:  download