New Resources from the National Quality Center


Cross Part Quality Management Guide:  The Guide is designed to serve as a tool for establishing cross-Part collaborations among Ryan White grantees and to provide a roadmap for local quality champions who lead the process. It describes the steps necessary to engage in a collaborative approach to improving HIV care across a region and has useful information for those preparing to initiate the process and those who want to strengthen their efforts.

Partnering with Subcontractors to Improve HIV Care:  This Guide captures the combined experiences and accomplishments of Ryan White grantees that partner with subcontractors. It explores how to integrate subcontractors into quality-related activities to improve HIV care and how to build their capacity to carry out these activities. It also features best practices from experienced Ryan White stakeholders, real world tips from quality improvement experts in the field, and concrete tools to strengthen current quality management efforts.

Training of Consumers on Quality Guide: The NQC Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ) Program targets consumers who seek to be effective quality advocates for their communities with the goal of improving the quality of HIV care. This Guide will serve as a training tool and ongoing reference for future participants. It can also be used by others to conduct similar trainings in their communities. It contains detailed descriptions of all pre-TCQ activities and assignments, post-TCQ activities, faculty notes for each module during the 2-day TCQ session, and links to available quality improvement resources.

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