2014 Coping with Hope – The HIV Care Continuum – Resources


Downloads and Links


    • Substance Abuse Treatment & the HIV Care Continuum by Sherry Larkins, PhD:  download
    • Medical Update by Mark Katz, MD:  download
    • ACA, HIV & the Care Continuum by Tom Donohoe, MBA:  download
    • Intimate Partner Violence by Susan Holt, Psy.D., LMFT:  download
    • HIV and Hepatitis C Update by Ardis Moe, MD:  download
    • Medical Care Coordination by Wendy Garland, MPH:  download
    • Reengaging the Homeless by Elyse Springer, MA, MFT:  download
    • HIV Cure Research by Ron Mitsuyasu, MD:  download