2013 Pacific and Northwest Asilomar Faculty Development Conference Materials


Materials from the 2013 Pacific and Northwest Asilomar Faculty Development Conference. Subjects include:

  • Training modalities
  • Health care delivery alliances
  • Medical update on occupational PEP guidelines, Dolutegravir, and Hepatitis C by David Spach, MD
  • Adult learning principles
  • Pain in the substance abuse population
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • HIV and Aging
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Video and Powerpoint training
  • How to incorporate video in training

Downloads and Links


    • Exploring Diverse Training Modalities,by Kathleen Clanon, MD, Amy Sitapati, MD & Kirsten Balano, Pharm D (931KB PPT file):  download
    • Exploring Diverse Modalities Handout (72KB DOCX file):  download
    • Exploring Diverse Modalities Poster Handout (56KB DOCX file):  download
    • The Next Generation of Health Care Service Delivery: Strategic Alliances by Elizabeth Brosnan (4.8MB PPT file):  download
    • HIV Medical Update 2013, by David Spach, MD, Occupational PEP guidelines, Dolutegravir, and Hepatitis C (6.5MB PPT file):  download
    • Adult Learning Principles (174KB PDF file):  download
    • Pain in the Substance Abuse Population (162KB PDF file):  download
    • Powerful Presentations: Visual Design from Powerpoint to Prezi (1.1MB PDF file):  download
    • HIV& Aging: Managing the Older Patient with HIV Infection by Wayne McCormick, MD, MPH (1.6MB PPTX file):  download
    • New Directions in STD Testing and Treatment by Stephanie Cohen, MD, MPH and Ina Park, MD, MS (2.9MB PPTX file):  download
    • Use of Internet Videos in PowerPoint Presentations by Lawrence McGlynn, MD (4.0MB PPT file):  download
    • Lights, Camera, Action Handout by Shannon Weber, MSW and Tim Vincent, MS (218KB PDF file):  download